One of my personal obsessions is making lists.  I’ll tuck them all in here for those interested.  This will include all my Tuesday Ten lists!



2014 Overview: Diversity in Speculative Fiction for the Year

2014 Series Titles

2015 A List of Lists

2015 Alternate Histories

2015 Animal Fantastic

2015 Creepy Fantastic

2015 Fantastical Pirates

2015 Favorite Fantastical Picture Books

2015 Fractured Fairy Tales

2015’s Funny Fantastic

2015 Science Fiction for Middle Graders

2015 Speculative Fiction Picture Books

A Chill in the Bones

A Thicket of Thieves (thief characters in fantasy)

A Tour of Speculative Fiction Artists

Across the Universe (Space Travel Science Fiction)

African American Characters in Fantasy and SF

Alien Invasion

Alternate History Fantasy

Animal Fantasy

Anthropomorphic Animal Fantasy

Arthurian Inspirations

Asian Speculative Fiction

Award Winners

The Big Top

Birds of a Feather

Birthday Beginnings

Book Magic

Book Trailers 2015

Buckle Your Swashes!


Cats in Space!

Challenged and Banned Books!

Child’s Play (Fantasy featuring Dolls)

Christmas is Coming

Cinderella Variations

Citizens of Fairyland

Crossworld Fantasy

Cryptic Cryptids and Mythological Monsters

Dangerous Vegetation

Diverse Stories

Diversity in 2015 Speculative Fiction

Divine Intervention

Dystopian Visions

Even More Science Fiction Picture Books

Fantastic Fathers

Female Protagonists in 2015  Fantasy 

Food Fantastic!

Food in Spaace!

Game On

Ghostly Encounters

Girls Will Be Boys

Growing a Star Wars Fan

Here Be Giants

Here Be Dragons

Hispanic/Latino Speculative Fiction for Kids

Historical Fantasy


I’m Flying!

In Stitches . . . Magic by Thread and Yarn

Incredible Introverts

Invention in Picture Books

Inventors and Scientists Wanted

Let the Music Play

Let There Be Unicorns!

Little Folk

London Calling

Magical Time Travel

Male Protagonists in 2015 Fantasy Fiction

Man’s Best Friend

Mellow Yellow and Orange Rhapsody

Mind Over Matter

Mothers From the Fantastic

More Picture Book Science Fiction

Mouse Tales

New Titles for 2015

New Twists on Old Tales

Off the Map

Off World Adventure!

On the Warm Side

Otherworld Fantasies

Peculiar Pigs

Poetry in Story

Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Prisoners of the Fantastic

Remarkable Female Protagonists

Scenes from a Multiverse

School Days, School Days

Science Fiction and Fantasy Militaries

Science Fiction in Picture Books

Seeing Red

SF Time Travel

Sick and Tired

The Silver Lining




Some Holiday Book Gifting

Special Gifts

Speculative Environmentals

Speculative Graphic Novels for 2015

Speculative Newbery

Speculative Residences

Squirrel Fantastic


Superhero Fiction

To Be Continued . . . in 2015

Under the Sea

Unorthodox Princesses

Upcoming Titles, 2014


The Wearing of the Green

The Wearing of the Green II

What I’ll Be Reading: 2016 Titles I’m Looking Forward to!

Witch Way

Wondrous Wearables

Working for a Living

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