For easy reference here’s a list of my other discussion style posts by date.  This is as much for me as any readers who may be interested!

2/15/13: Getting Started: What to Read in Science Fiction

2/24/13: Why Read Fantasy?

2/28/13 : Getting Started: What to Read in Fantasy

3/06/13: Robots and Rocketships: What is Science Fiction?

3/22/13: A Swift Proposal

4/7/13: Five Fantasy Pet Peeves

4/23/13: A Matter of Taste: Preferring One Genre Over Another

4/24/13: Fantasy Delicious!

4/28/13 : Shelf Life: When SF Becomes Dated

5/8/13: Movie Vs. Book: Plot Change-Ups

5/20/13: The Best Magic of All: The Power of Libraries

6/12/13: First Loves: The Books We Never Forget

6/21/13: Rule Bound: Fantasy Worlds and Following the Rules

7/03/13: A Word on Anthologies

8/02/13: The Power of Laughter: Something Funny This Way Comes

8/18/13: Anthologies Past and Present

9/2/13: Five Science Fiction Pet Peeves

10/18/13:The Necessity of Invention

10/23/13: The Horror! The Horror!

11/05/13: What Stories have Taught Me: 100 Small Lessons

3/3/14: Reading While Adult

3/23/14: Confessions of a Speculative Fiction Reader

6/14/14: My 200th Post! First Impressions through First Lines

11/3/14: For the Love of Reading

1/3/15: Giving Kids Their Future: Why We Need Science Fiction for Kids

1/10/15: Tooting My Own Horn: I’m In Publisher’s Weekly!

1/30/15: Plot Pet Peeves: Narrative Twists

1/25/15: 5 Misconceptions About Science Fiction For Kids

3/12/15: In Memory of Sir Terry (my 300th post)

5/23/15: The Tinker Bell Confessions: Part II

10/6/15: Get Your Cybils Nominations In!

12/18/15: “You Have No Power Over Me”: Why The Movie Labyrinth Matters

1/8/15: Cybils Awards: Shortlists Are Here!

1/11/16: Remembering a Legend

2/14/16: My 400th Post: What Brought Me This Far: 100 Books in my Blood

3/2/16: This is Why We Need More Children’s Science Fiction

3/7/16: Publisher Preview: Simon & Schuster Spring and Summer 2016

5/11/16: Remembering Author Nicholas Fisk

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