Art Interlude

All my posts dealing with cover art and other posts about fantasy and science fiction art can be found here:

A Tour of Speculative Fiction Artists

A Tale of Time City by Diana Wynne Jones

Children’s book Art from 1940s and 1950s

Exploring A Wrinkle in Time

Favorite 2013 Covers

So You Want to Be A Wizard by Diane Duane

Song of the Lioness by Tamora Pierce

The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe

Unfortunate Cover Art

Unfortunate Cover Art Part II

Unfortunate Cover Art Part III

The White Mountains by John Christopher

May 18th, 2015: The Homeward Bounders

  1. Lory @ Emerald City Book Review

    I love your considerations of cover art! Coincidentally I just posted a cover art list for Top Ten Tuesday: see my blog Emerald City Book Review. It includes covers for Juniper, The Hobbit, and The Amber Spyglass, among others.

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