About Me

Hello out there! Here’s my official little snippet for “about me” :

Yours Truly, Stephanie Whelan,  is a children’s librarian with a lifelong love of all things science fiction and fantasy.  After many years in my chosen profession, I have decided to  share my interest in children’s SF and Fantasy through this blog.

Essentially this is a place for me to get my geek on about Science Fiction and Fantasy stuff for kids.  I’ll be doing reviews, lists, and posts about different topics.  It’ll all be tied into the theme of this blog in some way, though I won’t hesitate to branch out to different forms of media and events as long as they do tie in.

Given that I’m a full time New York Public Library librarian and a mom of two, I’ll have to limit my posts to between two and three a week mostly, but I’ll try to stick to delivering at least that many!

If there’s a topic you’d like to see covered, drop me a message and let me know–I’m all ears!

You can contact me via email at: shanshad1@yahoo.com

And I’m trying out twitter as well!  Find me here: @TesseractViews


Review Policy: 

I welcome the chance to review children’s Speculative Fiction (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Supernatural).  Please be aware that I’m focusing on fiction for readers ages 0-12 and will not be accepting review items on anything firmly Young Adult or adult.   Anything I request I will read but I cannot promise to review it.  I only do a handful of reviews a month currently, so I have to pick and choose which items I will feature.  I do reserve the right to post a mixed or negative review.

I’m not opposed to self-published books if they meet my criteria for the site.  However given the current demands on my reading and posting  time I am forced to be highly selective in what I choose to request and cannot promise a review.  I’m unable to review ebook selections at this point  and would require a hard copy of anything I request.

I’m always happy to take a cursory look at a book description and summary in order to make a decision on whether to request an item.

These policies may change or be revised as needed as the blog grows and demands on my time shift.  Please feel free to inquire if anything is unclear.

Contact me at shanshad1@yahoo.com.

  1. Nicely done Steph! Glad to see you’re off and running. I will take an in depth look when I have more time and give you some ideas about logo tag designs. Great beginning!

  2. I love the blog !

  3. Hi

    Got your details from Charlotte’s Library and wondered if you were willing to review indie authors? I have two sci-fi boarding school stories, The Firestone Crystal and the sequel, The Hidden Realms of Firestone. Not sure what your policy is but would love to hear from you. Details here: http://www.firestone.moonfruit.com.



    • Hi Linda!
      Thanks for dropping in! I haven’t, as you noticed, posted a review policy yet. I plan to do so, and I will be willing to consider indie authors. I’ll try to get the policy settled in the next day or two and email you the particulars. The best I can say is that with my current schedule of commitments reading and reviewing of extra material may take some time to fit in! I’ll drop you a line with details once I have my policy up and we can go from there!

  4. Hi Steph, thanks for stopping by to read about the barrel of ink. I have another writer friend who’s a school librarian, Mindy McGinnis – she’s got a cool blog too (and an awesome debut novel).


  5. Hi Stephanie!

    I represent Argosy Press (an imprint of Teacher Created Materials) and was so happy to see your review of Hive Mind! Would it be possible to use any of your review on our website at http://www.argosypress.com and http://www.tcmbooks.com/hivemind/?

    We especially love your statements, “Factual science combined with science fiction gadgetry and upbeat adventure make for an enjoyable and informative ride!…This is the kind of fiction that teachers can pair up with nonfiction assignments to inspire real interest and excitement.”

    I have already shared your blog on our three company Facebook pages at:

    In addition, I’d love to send you a copy of Ripple Effect when it becomes available in March!
    If this sounds good, please send me the address to send it to via my email below.

    Argosy Press

  6. Should you ever find yourself in NM in August, you might want to come to Bubonicon. Here’s the link. https://bubonicon.com We are primarily a literary SF conference and other stuff. just so you know. By the by, it was named after the bubonic plague.

    Live in joy

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