The Cybils Awards! Winners Announced

So the winners for the 2015 Cybils were announced yesterday.  A big thanks to all the second round judges making the tough decisions from such awesome shortlists!

In the Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction category, the winner for 2015 is

The Fog Diver by Joel Ross (HarperCollins, May 2015)

A snippet from the Cybils website:

The Fog Diver is a fun, exciting adventure set in a dystopian future where remnants of humanity live on the highest mountaintops and in airships above a deadly fog of microscopic robots covering the planet. The nannites were created to clean up Earth’s pollution, but got out of control and the fog they created killed billions of humans. A boy named Chess is lowered into the fog each day by his crewmates on a salvage ship flying above the clouds to scavenge on the earth’s surface. He is the best fog diver there is—the fog mysteriously energizes him. The secrets behind his fog-diving ability put a target on his back and will impact the survival of his family, and the fate of humankind.

So glad to part of the judging process this year!  I think I’d have been delighted with whatever title won from the shortlist we selected, but it’s awesome to see this high adventure blend of SF and Fantasy win for the year.  If you haven’t read this one yet, I hope you’ll give it try!

Thanks again to the whole team for another fantastic Cybils year!  Happy reading and blogging for the year ahead!


About Stephanie Whelan

I'm a children's librarian with a life-long love of all things science fiction and fantasy.

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