Remembering a Legend

I don’t normally post about these things.  Occasionally I’ve posted on the loss of an author, especially Sir Terry Pratchett.  But the news of David Bowie’s death rather shook me, especially after all the conversations I’ve been sharing with others who’ve read my post on Labyrinth.  I didn’t mention much about Bowie in that post, other than that he makes a splendiferous Goblin King (which he does.)  But he helped make that movie stand out in my childhood, and I’d grown used to this marvelously unusual man being a part of the world in which I live.

To hear that he’s gone . . .it’s not easy to hear.

He will always be the Goblin King to me in many ways, but he was also such a bright and burning individual in all that he did–he was a marvel.  And sadly, marvels don’t last.


So . . . I wrote this.  It’s as much to all those we lose who inspire us in this world, even if we never meet them.

It’s not simply a name or an image
nor as personal as blood and friend
it’s that we walked in this world with legends
and the spark and stardust they trailed
the words that echoed
the songs that spoke
it’s that they were bigger, brighter, bolder
and we were a better world for it.
When legends leave, the world feels crisp and cold
and strangely silent.
And we mourn, as we must and need.

–Stephanie Whelan (January 11, 2016)



About Stephanie Whelan

I'm a children's librarian with a life-long love of all things science fiction and fantasy.

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  1. When I read the news today, I immediately thought of you. I love what you wrote, you’ve captured so much in those words about the way we see and feel things. The world has lost a creative soul, and so we all mourn for him, he certainly was a marvel.

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