A Tuesday Ten: A List of Lists!

Welcome to the end of the year, for the first part of my overview, we’re looking at a list of some of my favorite Tuesday Ten lists from this year!


2015 Science Fiction for Middle Graders!

My list of some of the stellar SF reads available in 2015 for readers look for something with outer space adventure or  wild inventions or alien encounters and everything in between!


2015 Fantastical Pirates

Pirates were one of the trends this year–I saw enough out there to make a list of ten of them for 2015 alone!



2015 Fractured Fairy Tales

Every year has some fairy tale rewrites, this year had a bumper crop of them!


Female Protagonists in 2015 Fantasy

Looking for female protagonist fantasy fic from this year?


Male Protagonists in 2015 Fantasy Fiction

And, in balance, a list of male protagonist fantasy fic from this year!



Speculative Graphic Novels in 2015

I’m a huge fan of graphic novels, and I was really delighted to flesh out this list this year!




Even More Science Fiction Picture Books!

This list spans many years, but I enjoy ferreting out a few more SF picture books each year to create a new  Ten list!


Hispanic/Latina Speculative Fiction for Kids

This list has been several years in the making–it took a number of new titles published this year for me to finally have a list of ten!


Unorthodox Princesses

I love princesses who break the mold of what being a princess is supposed to be–the problem was limiting this list to 10 books–there are so many good ones out there!


Diversity in 2015 Speculative Fiction

My most recent list taking a look at some of the diverse titles available this year!













What are some of your favorite lists of the year? Link to them in the comments!


About Stephanie Whelan

I'm a children's librarian with a life-long love of all things science fiction and fantasy.

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