Tooting my Own Horn: I’m in Publishers Weekly!

Last Saturday I took part in a panel on children’s science fiction  at the New York Public Library.  The awesome Betsy Bird asked yours truly to talk about the history and current state of the genre for kids and I was delighted with the opportunity.  Joining me were Jason Fry, author of the Jupiter Pirates series and many tie-in Star Wars books, and  Andrew Harwell, an author and editor at HarperCollins. Just so happens the whole discussion was written up by Publishers Weekly.  While I’m excited to have a few moments of fame, I’m more enthused by the hope that this will continue a discussion about science fiction for kids.  We need to keep this ball rolling, folks!

Here’s  a link to the article!



About Stephanie Whelan

I'm a children's librarian with a life-long love of all things science fiction and fantasy.

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  1. Congratulations! How exciting for you!

  2. That’s great, Stephanie!!! And what a fun talk!

  3. How inspiring. Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Great article! And thanks for for wonderful blog. I am doing sci-fi with my middle grade reading group of 10-11 year olds this month, have used many of your recs and they are eating them up!

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